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Diamond Dermabrasion – Body


Perfect before a special occasion, have your complete body polished clean using a specific head designed for large body areas. The treatment sloughs away dead skin whilst the suction stimulates your skin, giving a fabulous glow.

Great for the reduction of the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Diamond dermabrasion helps break up the scar tissue and stimulates new collagen. The number of treatments required is based on the depth and length of time the scar/ stretch mark has been present. Ask one of the Team for more info.

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What is Diamond Dermabrasion ?

Diamond Dermabrasion should be in everyone’s skincare routine. It is an effective and relaxing treatment that helps the overall appearance of your skin and its health, irrespective of age.


The diamonds are fixed to the microdermabrasion wand, which is used to perform the procedure. The small diamonds essentially polish the surface layers of the skin off, leaving fresh and smooth skin and eradicating the dull surface layers. Skin will feel and look refreshed, more luminous and fine lines, acne scarring and pigmentation marks will become less visible.