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Welcome to Serious skin. . .

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to stay beautiful, ageless and slim for longer? We only have to flick through the pages of the glossy magazines and see how some celebs never seem to age and they seem to be immune from the daily issues we have with our skin and body.


Here at Serious we are passionate about anti-ageing and effective skincare techniques and have made it our business to get behind the truth of what celebrities are using to stop the clock and look more gorgeous. We are on a crusade to find the best, most effective treatments on the market and offer them to our clients. The only thing that differs from the treatments we offer to those the celebs are having is the price tag.


We encourage our clients to delay ‘going under the knife’ for surgical procedures and try an alternative, less invasive approach. Modern technology has come on so much in the last 5 years that there is less of a call for needles and knives, as the results we can produce are just as good.


Our objective is to get your skin working harder and achieve amazing results, without the introduction of invasive and expensive cosmetic surgery.


We measure our success on how you view your face and body after our treatments.


If you are looking for specific skin or body care advice, give us a call and get no-nonsense advice from one of our experts.


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